ES6: A short guide to its JavaScript implementation – 2/2

This is the second part of my short tour of EcmaScript 6. You can find the first part covering let vs. var, arrow functions, string templates and destructuring arrays and objects in part 1 of the series. This post will cover object literal property value shorthands, the spread operator, default arguments in functions and of […]

Why you will love google’s programming language go over nodejs

State of the art Probably you’re a webdeveloper. Probably you’ve got a long journey behind you. Probably you were using php, cgi or even asp (ugh!) in the past to create your websites or apis. Probably you recently stubmled upon nodejs and learned to love the full stack JavaScript approach… and that was when it […]

koajs – Your AngularJS application using the KAMN stack – part 2/2


Introduction So you have completed part 1 of this tutorial and are now eager to know how to write an awesome frontend for it. Well, good news: In this tutorial I will give you a crash course in AngularJS which is Google’s interpretation of a MVVM (Model View ViewModel) / MVC (Model View Controller) framework.